SSEPD confirms that this criterion has been met through the installation of 30 energy storage devices (EMMAs) within domestic properties around Bracknell.
This document provides details of the completion of the installation of 30 EMMAs, and presents the findings identified in line with the evidence criteria specified for the Successful Delivery Reward Criteria (SDRC).
It is confirmed that:

  • 30 domestic customers have had an EMMA device fitted at their property after an engagement process in which 57 domestic customers took up initial enquiries and completed a process of site inspection and consultation.
  • EMMAs have been installed and commissioned at each of these properties.
  • A sample of performance data has been captured and has been processed by the NTVV Project Team.
  • The EMMAs and associated systems are actively storing peak solar energy as hot water for use by the customer.
  • Photographs of installed EMMAs have been taken2, examples are provided in this report and the photographs of all installations are available upon request  to Interested parties.