The New Thames Valley Vision (NTVV) full bid submission [ Ref. 1] defines the Successful Delivery Reward Criteria (SDRC) that must be met in line with the project milestones. The full bid submission should be read in conjunction with the relevant change control documentation.
The key topics covered within this report, as defined by the SDRC evidence requirements, are as follows:

  • Provide the results of applying the smart control algorithms to a simulated network;
  • Provide the results from ESMU trials with smart control (under supervision);
  • Assess the hypothesis for the delivery of the ESMUs as defined by SDRC 9.4a;
  • Summarise the learning from the deployment of Energy Storage and Management Units (ESMUs);
  • Provide recommendations for future application.

Scottish & Southern Energy Power Distribution (SSEPD) confirms that: the smart control algorithms have been applied to a simulated network, the ESMU trials with smart control (under supervision) have been carried out, the ESMU deployment and hypothesis document has been assessed [ Ref. 4], the learning gained from deployment has been captured / reported and recommendations for future deployment have been made.