Criterion: Build, Install and Commission the Low Voltage Modelling Environment component of the Distributed Solutions Integrator System (DSI).
Evidence: Photographic evidence of the LV modelling environment and an invitation to see it in operation and an online demonstration. Prepare documentation and present work including:

a) Commissioning reports
b) Sample of data capture/ transfer
c) Report on lessons learnt during process
d) Provide photographic evidence of active operation of systems

This document details the completion of the building, installation and commissioning of the low voltage Network Modelling Environment and presents the findings identified in line with the evidence criteria specified for the Successful Delivery Reward Criteria (SDRC).

It is confirmed that:

  • The requirements for the modelling environment have been identified, reviewed and agreed;
  • The use-cases for the modelling environment have been described, reviewed and agreed;
  • The business process models for the use of the modelling environment have been described, reviewed and agreed;
  • The modelling environment, consisting of Smallworld Version 4.3.3 Geographical Information System (GIS) and Cymdist modelling tool have been built, integrated and developed, taking into account the agreed requirements;
  • Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution’s (SSEPD’s) existing network and equipment data for the project area have been migrated into the modelling environment;
  • The modelling environment, loaded with the project area low voltage electrical network and equipment data, has been tested against the agreed requirements, and in line with agreed use-cases;
  • The successfully tested modelling environment has been handed over from GE Digital Energy to SSEPD;
  • The network modelling environment is available for use in project trials and simulations for the NTVV project.
  • Lessons learnt during the process of building the low voltage network modelling environment can be shared with other DNOs that wish to build a similar tool.
  • A full demonstration or online (Webex) demonstration of the network modelling environment can be arranged for as required