This report meets the requirements of the New Thames Valley Vision (NTVV) Full Bid Submission [Ref. 01] and the associated change control documentation that was formally agreed by Ofgem [Ref. 02] for Successful Delivery Reward Criteria (SDRC) 9.8(a) Cold Thermal LV Network Energy Storage .

Cold thermal storage technology has been installed at three commercial premises and relevant information relating installation requirement(s), permissions, unit costs, safety considerations and associated time scales for this technology have been included within this report.

Trials of the three cold thermal storage devices have been completed following the installation and commissioning of the devices in July 2015. Data from the devices has been transmitted from the Ice Energy web portal and analysed to understand the effects of the units on the Low Voltage ( LV) network. The data collated as part of the cold thermal storage technology trials has enabled the project team to assess the technology and outline how the learning from the trials could influence future deployment. The information presented within this report delivers the learning applicable to cold thermal storage as outlined in Learning Outcome 4 [Ref. 01 – the bid] as the learning presented within this report provides an understanding of both: 1) the effect of deployment on the LV network within different customer premises, in technical, geographical and in turn climatic conditions not previously trialled; and 2) the value to commercial customers in terms of energy savings and economic payback.