What are we doing?

The Thames Valley Vision (TVV) is a £30 million project established to ensure a high quality and affordable electricity network in the future. Customers in Bracknell and the surrounding area will benefit from this project that will help the UK achieve a low carbon economy.

To meet the LCNF objectives of facilitating low carbon solutions by trialling new technologies and practices, TVV will collect new data and develop sophisticated modelling to allow the operation and planning of networks to avoid costly system reinforcement – essentially to use what we have already got more efficiently!

Some of this will mean providing technologies that manage the way some consumers use their energy.

Other methods will promote energy efficiency and renewable heat and electricity generation at your own properties. Ultimately these methods are designed to save you money.

TVV is a Southern Electric Power Distribution (SEPD) project in partnership with other local, national and international businesses.

The £30 million project is part of wider UK programme funded by the Low Carbon Network Fund (LCNF) run by Ofgem, the UK energy regulator.

SEPD provide the cables and substations that deliver electricity to homes and businesses in the Thames Valley area that account for just over one fifth of your total electricity bill, and TVV will allow SEPD to support a lower carbon, higher electricity consuming future, at the lowest possible cost.

TVV is based in Bracknell since the local network is due for major system upgrade before 2020. SEPD is seeking to identify more cost effective solutions than traditional network reinforcement, that will require new and larger substations to be built, and require disruptive works to dig up roads to lay more cables.

Bracknell and the Thames Valley is home to many large companies and the local network is typical of much of Britain’s network, and therefore the lessons we learn can quickly be applied nationwide.

So we would like to ask domestic residents and businesses to get involved and we look forward to hearing from you.

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Interview with Mark Mathieson

See below an interview with then SSE Managing Director of Network Operations, Mark Mathieson. Mark held this position until December 2014, and is succeeded by Colin Nicol.