IntegrationTVV will be addressing how to make all the elements work together and how to introduce them into day to day operations. This will require a lot of systems integration and business process changes, as well as possible changes to national industry agreements.

Information & Communication Technology (ICT)

TVV will be developing the software systems and communication solutions required to capture the necessary monitoring data, apply the modelling tools, and issue control instructions to the various technology devices deployed on the network. All of the technical solutions outlined above will be fully integrated into the distribution network control room.

Industry Governance and Guidelines

As you would expect, the electricity industry has very strict operating guidelines and practices, and it is likely that some of these will need to change in the future. TVV will consider what these changes may be and how they could be implemented. The way the industry is regulated is also changing to place greater emphasis on innovation, customer service and enabling the low carbon economy.

Business Change

New business processes will need to be developed, and there will be new technical skills required to operate some of the systems and devices. Staff will have to be recruited and trained accordingly and the impact on existing staff will require careful management as SEPD migrates to new ways of working.