Leraning and disseminationTVV is one of a number of UK projects addressing the low carbon future under the OFGEM (Industry Regulator) Low Carbon Networks Fund (LCNF). TVV will share our findings with, and learn from, these other projects. TVV will also adopt approaches to learn from domestic and business consumers and share our findings with them and other stakeholders who can provide the solutions and means towards a low carbon future.

Industry Parties

TVV has made commitments to the industry regulator (OFGEM) to share specific learning outcomes with the UK energy industry. These will take the form of published reports, presentations, industry change requests and learning events.

Energy Consumers

TVV will establish a range of methods to engage with domestic and business consumers. It is TVV’s intention to raise awareness of the low carbon economy in the local area and thereby accelerate the deployment of measures to help make it a reality. Some of these have already started and more can be found on our Get Involved pages.

All Stakeholders

There are many stakeholders that will help the transition to a low carbon economy and help us to address our particular network issues. There will be an increasing need for new equipment and technologies, a suitably qualified workforce, and consideration of the behavioural changes of consumers. This will require new kinds of engagement with companies, academia and education. Also, the challenges we face are not local, or specific to the UK, and TVV intends to share knowledge with interested parties around the world, so that we can all find the best solutions.