ManagingOnce we have understood the issues and where they are occurring on the network, it will be vital to have the appropriate tools to manage them in the most cost effective way. TVV will be trialling a number of technologies and solutions to determine the most efficient way to achieve this.

Automated Demand Response (ADR)

ADR allows existing building management systems (BMS) to reduce consumption at times when the Bracknell electricity network is under stress.  This is achieved with due consideration to building performance levels and with a commercial proposal to reward the service that is provided to the network business. Click here to read more.

Electrical Storage

TVV will deploy power electronics and electrical energy storage on low voltage networks to demonstrate the extent to which these technologies could manage power factor, harmonics and voltages to ensure customers have the freedom to deploy low carbon technologies without waiting for time-consuming reinforcement.

Thermal Storage

Significant amounts of electricity are used for space and water heating and control of these large demands can provide significant benefit to the optimal use of renewable generation and the management of the network. TVV will deploy a number of devices to determine the benefits and consumer acceptance of thermal storage solutions. This, and information from a related project (NINES) will inform the modelling work to assess the potential of controllable load for demand response.

Energy Efficiency

If we can find ways to reduce the ways we use energy now, then this will directly reduce carbon emissions and energy bills, and free-up more capacity on our networks to deliver new demands without reinforcement. TVV will be promoting existing schemes to encourage energy efficiency in the Bracknell area, and through the Consumer Consortia seek to create new initiatives in businesses across the Thames Valley.

Local Generation

A significant element of the low carbon future will be homes and businesses generating their own electricity. This has the potential to create electrical quality issues on the network. TVV will promote existing schemes for the deployment of these new technologies to advance their deployment and allow us to determine the resultant issues and necessary responses to any issues that become apparent.

Smart Meter Deployment

The Government has committed to the deployment of new metering technology that will allow consumers to better understand and manage their energy (read more). This is expected to provide a reduction in energy consumption that will allow greater capacity on the network. TVV will be working with energy suppliers to deploy these smart meters and determine the effect on energy consumption.