To overcome the increase in electricity demand that is causing some networks to approach their maximum capabilities, Automated Demand Response (ADR) is a new technology that enables network companies to defer costly investment in new capacity. This is achieved by reducing the electrical load on the network during times of peak demand – typically between 4pm-6pm in winter months.

To do this, an ADR Gateway device is installed in each building enrolled on the ADR programme. The Gateway accesses external software to initiate an “Electricity Load Shedding Strategy” programmed into each building’s Building Management System (BMS) and pre-agreed electricity using areas are turned down or off.

Only areas that have no or minimal impact on the building occupants are accessed. These include adjusting frequencies on air handling units, turning off lights in unoccupied offices and turning off pumps in ornamental lakes for example. At all times the building owner retains complete control by having to confirm participation or not prior to any event. ADR also provides a dynamic profile of the building’s electricity consumption.

TVV is looking for organisations in the Bracknell area to participate in the ADR programme. There is no fee to join and all equipment is installed at no-cost. The benefits of participation are:

  • A greater understanding of your building’s electricity usage
  • Ability to forecast your electricity consumption and/or control it
  • Upgraded control equipment providing greater comfort conditions for building occupants & lower energy costs
  • Participation in an innovative, high profile Ofgem funded public project
  • Involvement in an innovative programme to prove demand response as a vital technology for the future and the ability to save the country billions of pounds of network upgrade investment

If you are a business and would like to find out more about taking part in the ADR programme click here