MonitoringThrough the planned monitoring activities and the related modelling work, TVV intend to identify solutions that minimise the need for extensive monitoring on all parts of the network that will be both costly and time consuming to achieve.

Network Monitoring

  • Measuring new parameters of the network’s electrical characteristics.
  • Use of communication technologies to bring data back in real time.
  • New sensor equipment that removes need for network disruption.

End Point Monitoring

  • Collection of data to see what is happening at the customer supply points that may determine where and when faults are most likely to occur, and to provide end use data for modelling work.

Smart Metering

  • Up to 1,000 smart meters will be installed to determine and integrate the benefits of smart metering when these are deployed more widely in accordance with the Government commitment to install smart meters in all homes by 2019. Read more about the Government smart meter plans by clicking here.