The primary goal of the Thames Valley Vision (TVV) project is to answer the central question:

How will the network operator need to understand, anticipate and support changes in customer behaviour to develop an efficient network for the low-carbon economy?

Our five year project is focused on the low voltage (LV) network – the network which connects small homes and businesses to a safe and reliable supply of electricity. The Thames Valley Vision is designed to demonstrate how electricity distribution networks can better serve their customers by understanding, anticipating and supporting their energy use as they move towards low carbon technologies.

Focussed on learning, the TVV is structured around Learning Outcomes. Each Learning Outcome has a number of related components which bring together a wide range of technologies and principles; each component is explored in detail through project Trials.

The TVV is designed to demonstrate how we take the things we learn into business as usual. The project is working with all stakeholders to make sure our project meets the needs of our customers and understand how the outputs fit in with wider energy governance. Likewise the project is working within the electricity industry to ensure all network operators have access to the tools and knowledge so they to can best meet their customers’ needs.