These trials have been defined to ensure that any of the elements that we decide are fit for purpose to introduce into our distribution business, can equally be implemented into any other UK electricity distribution company. The primary deliverables relate to policy changes and training requirements to take any of the elements of the project and implement in the day to day management activity of the Low Voltage network.


The aim of this project stream is to gather together all that is currently being learnt during the TVV project in order that the new knowledge can be distributed to all stakeholders by way of formal policy documents.  The outcomes will lead to recommendations being made for revisions to both national policy documents and to the more local policy documents used by the individual electricity distribution companies.  In order to achieve this a review is taking place of all of the relevant existing policy documents, both national and local (Southern Electric Power Distribution), to determine where changes may be necessary to the existing documentation.  Reports will be written to recommend the necessary policy changes.

The results of the findings for policy revision from recommended by the TVV project will be shared with all of the stakeholders.  These stakeholders, who use the industry policy documentation, include the electricity generators, the electricity distribution and supply companies, manufacturers, trade associations, etc.


The aim of this trial is to find out what training requirements will be needed to implement the Thames Valley Vision outcomes.  New training materials will be produced and trial courses will be run to judge the effectiveness of the training material and from these trials recommendations will be made as to the best way to provide the training to all of the Thames Valley Vision stakeholders. “Training” for stakeholders need not necessarily be formal “class room” based in every case, but will probably comprise of a wider mix of delivery methods such as by publications or through new web sites.   The stakeholders include the electricity customers, electricity generators, electricity distribution and supply companies, property developers, local authorities, community groups, the media, think-tanks etc.