The trials in this project area relate to how the TVV manages domestic and business customer engagement and how we transfer the knowledge and learning we gather to the wider utility industry. The trials listed below give an insight into how we will deliver this wider knowledge dissemination.


T1 – Assess benefit of consumer consortia
T2 – Asses domestic consumer engagement and feedback
T3 – Engage landlords with NTVV results
T4 – Engage property developers with NTVV results


The first aim of this Package of Work is to establish that the outcomes from the Thames Valley Vision will be in line with all of the current legislation governing electricity supply.  The legislation includes Acts of Parliament, Statutory Regulations and Codes of Practice.  If it is found that the new low-carbon technology solutions proposed by the New Thames Valley Vision are at variance to any of the current legislation, the points of variance will be identified and recommendations made for changes to the legislation in order that the proposed changes can be legally implemented.  The legislation covers not only technical and safety standards but also commercial procedures.

Learning & Dissemination

TVV follows a systematic process to ensure all learning generated during the project is captured and shared with the energy industry in order to contribute to the smoother transition towards a low carbon future. Engaging with customers and stakeholders  is particularly crucial for the transformation of the energy sector to allow reduction of carbon emissions.

Learning from  TVV will be shared with other network operators and stakeholders and via a range of mechanisms including publications and events. The effectiveness of learning and dissemination activities will be assessed by monitoring feedback from event participants, uptake of learning resources made available via mechanisms such as the Project Library section of this website, and training opportunities developed under the Industry Ready – Training package of work.

Local Authority

The project will assess how low-carbon LV network development can be integrated into wider local planning. This trial will involve close working with the local council to see how low carbon technology uptake can be built into future town planning.


The TVV website and social media forums aims to raise awareness of the project from a wide range of stakeholders, including other DNOs, industry participants, national and local government, the regulator, domestic and business customers, academics and locals around the Bracknell area. It will also facilitate to capture and publish industry, academic and consumer views and opinions to provide findings of the project.