There are a number of ways to generate your own energy for your homes and businesses. These have the potential to save you money, and through your reduced demands for centrally produced energy can increase the capacity on our network. However, if there is a lot of electricity being produced locally that is not being used in a given property, it will be exported to our network that, in volume, can cause some network performance issues.

The following is a link to the Energy Savings Trust website that can provide more information about generating energy for your home:

There are even schemes where you can get solar PV generation for free.

Some more information videos can be found below:

  1. Microgeneration – Whats it all about?
  2. Case Studies – 1
  3. Case Studies – 2
  4. Ground Source Heat Pumps

TVV will be adding more information here and further advice as to how to identify solutions that are suitable for you.

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